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We're go!

We've been working hard to develop three cycling products for our range and are pleased to say that the first two are ready to purchase having been tested by Tom. Tom's currently out enjoying the extremes of Morzine in the French Alps where's he's putting parts of our products through the rigours of downhill mountain biking.

The first few products are already in use. Leif, who's pictured below, is a high level kickboxer who's keen to cycle. We provided Leif with a T-One, which he's been testing over the last two weeks. We'll catch up with him again soon and incorporate feedback into the latest generation of devices.

We'll be updating this site and our social media outlets more regularly as we ramp up services. You can now find us on Facebook and Instagram. Tom'll be updating these feeds whilst he puts himself and our products through their paces over the next few days.

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