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Our aim is to make sports accessible to as many people as possible.


Developed in a huge range of real world cycling conditions, our range of adaptive sports products are made to individual needs to be simple and effective.  We work with the people who use our products, building years of experience into every solution.


We’ve started with cycling, focussing on innovative products for people with brachial plexus injuries and upper limb difference.  We’ll also work personally with you to develop solutions for your bespoke needs. 

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Whether you’re cycling for leisure, on roads, gravel or off road, we’ve got a solution for you. We also offer online consultations for our performance cycling products, ensuring they are right for you.


Find out more about our solutions for:

Leisure and commuting

Road, light offroad and gravel

Mountain biking

Our skills in design and manufacture mean we can help you to develop a bespoke solution for different sporting needs. Our leading physiotherapist and design engineers are ready to discuss your ambitions.

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Services & Product

We are a specialist team with a wealth of research, design, clinical and technical experience.  


We practice what we preach and listen to what people need. Our services have been created based on Tom's experiences with a brachial plexus injury and Marc's extensive clinical knowledge of dealing with this and other conditions. Dom has nearly two decades of experience applying advanced design engineering technologies in healthcare. 

Working with product users makes it easier to develop solutions that meet their needs.

Meet the team here.


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